The GPX Zed is XT Racing's newest addition to its line of precision racing electronics. Including all of the features of the GPX Pro, at a fraction of the price, this product will get you into GPS lap timing and GPS track mapping.


The GPX Pro is XT Racing's top-of-the-line product for precision racing electronics. With up to 4 or 8 channels of data acquisition, GPS lap timing and GPS track mapping, the GPX Pro is no ordinary lap timer and it packs the punch of a system twice as expensive.


Designed for use with the GPX Pro 4 and GPX Pro 8, our extensive sensor line will give you the information you want. And by supplying only the highest quality sensors you can get the accuracy that you need to enhance your racing.


The Ultra-Lap is the workhorse of the XT Racing timer line. For almost 10 years, the Ultra-Lap has been helping racers of all kinds hone their craft on the track. Loaded with features, the Ultra-Lap stores track names, racer names, ambient temperature, split times, and can upload its information to any Windows enabled PC.


The Mini-Lap is the perfect timer for the racer on a budget. Small, easy to use and with the same timing technology as the Ultra-Lap, you'll be able to see every lap without breaking the bank. Encased in a single, ABS Plastic housing, the Mini-Lap features an I/R pickup on each side of its body to make it easy to mount.

Ducati I/R

Using the same technology as the Ultra and Mini-Lap, the Ducati I/R is designed to work with the stock lap timers that are included with many of Ducati's popular street bikes. Priced competitively, this very small, billet aluminum I/R pickup weighs in at a fraction of the cost of Ducati's official I/R pickup (~$1000!) and works every bit as well.


Designed for use with the XT line of timing equipment, our range of accessories meets the same standards as XT electronics. With functionality in mind, they facilitate better, hassle-free timing to help the racer focus on what's really important... going faster.