Have you ever felt like you were on a fast lap only to find out that you were actually going slower? With the data gathered from just one lap with a GPX Pro, you'll be finding tenths before you know it. Add a segment at the beginning and end of each turn to isolate your problem areas or, with XTStudio, overlay one of your faster friend's laps on top of your own so you can see how they're doing it.

Out of the box, your GPX will come ready to race. Just strap it to your vehicle and let it take care of the rest. After your first lap, its automatic start/finish detection will read the completion of a lap and start logging data. Gone are the hassles of setting up a trackside beacon or walking out on track to set your start/finish manually.

Circuit spinner

Out of the box, your GPX circuit-mode spinner is set to display your RPM, speed, gear position, lap number and running lap time. As with almost every other facet of the GPX, this screen is fully customizable and can be moved around and customized to your heart's content.

Track map

For each session recorded in Circuit Racing mode, the GPX has the ability to graph a map of the track on screen, without even uploading to your PC. In addition, you have the ability to play the lap in real time with your RPM, speed and split times all displayed on screen at the same time.