GPX Pro accessories

Looking to expand the capabilities of your GPX Pro? With our sensor breakout boxes, wiring kits and line of sensors, you can be sure to get the most out of your timer.

Sensor breakout box

The sensor breakout box (available for both the GPX Pro 4 and GPX Pro 8) provides a plug-and-go solution for XT Racing's line of sensors. Simply connect the cables to the GPX Pro, add power and start adding sensors.

Wiring kits

For wiring up the GPX by hand, a wiring kit can provide everything you need. The GPX motorcycle kit comes with 20 Scotchlok connectors and 10 color coded wires 6 feet in length; enough to wire even the largest motorcycle for GPX use. The automobile kit also comes with 20 Scotchlok connectors and color coded wires 12 feet in length.


An extensive line of sensors is available to expand the cababilties of the GPX Pro, including temperature sensors, pressure sensors and linear sensors. Combine these with the sensor breakout box for a simple plug-and-go solution. See the sensors page for details.

Cable sets

Additional sets of GPX Pro cables are available if you want to wire multiple vehicles for use with one GPX. So, now you are free to wire all of your race bikes to collect data on a single GPX or record your pit bike movements with super-accurate data acquisition or even wire up your daily commuter vehicle to find the fastest way to work!

XT Holder

The all-new XT Holder is machined from billet aluminum and is hard anodized for durability. The XT Holder is compatible with the Ultra-Lap, Mini-Lap and GPX Pro and comes in 7 different sizes for mounting on a variety of motorcycle fork tubes. See this for common measurements.